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As a professionnal photographer based in Nantes, France, I do work on a regular basis for national magazines and newspapers.

I do produce news stories but I also realize portraits and events coverage from social movements to political meetings and sport events.

My work is broadcasted by the Hans Lucas Studio since 2016.


I do realize all sort of photographic corporate assignment either in Nantes, France, or abroad.

I work for several municipalities, companies, NGO’s and non-profit that I help to define and produce their imagery needs.


I realize portraiture for professional uses (companies, books, LinkedIn profiles…) but also for newspapers, magazines and individuals.

Social &



An important part of my work is aimed towards social questions both in France and abroad. It has been logical to me to start working with organizations from the social and solidarity economy (NGO’s, non-profit, cooperative) which values of solidarity I share. I am proud to participate in the highlighting of initiatives that promote emancipation and inclusion.


I do also realize corporate videos for communication purposes.


My personnal work is closely linked to documentary report.

I do mainly work on political, social and environmental issues.


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I am a professional photographer based in Nantes, France. I do travel on a regular basis in France and abroad for various types of assignments. I work on stories for newspapers and magazines such as Alternatives Economiques, Le Monde, L’Obs, L’Humanité, Libération, Télérama, Mediapart, La Croix, La Vie, Le Parisien, Reporterre, Marianne, Le JDD, Politis, Pélerin, Elle… but also on imagery production for companies, municipalities, NGO’s and non-profit. I do also run trainings and workshops.

Since 2016, my work is broadcasted by Hans Lucas Studio, a creation and production agency dedicated to photography and digital storytelling. I am also the co-founder of Nantes based collective IRIS Pictures, that runs cultural projects and workshops since 2013.

Jérémie Lusseau

Photographer // Nantes



+33 6 34 04 82 03

References & Clients

“We worked with Jérémie in order to picture the various fields of work of our organization. This assignment was demanding and we had strong expectations regarding the photographer’s position, his listening skills and his ability to understand finely what moves us. Jérémie’s photographs where beyond our expectations both from a visual point of view and from the story they tell. I strongly recommand Jérémie to whoever is looking for a professionnal photographer.”

Erwann Delepine

// Président – APAJH 44 //

“I had the chance to work with Jérémie during an educationial artistic workshop he lead through the Fabric’Arts plan. Both his artistic work and transmission skills with the high school students he worked with were exemplary. We will work with Jérémie anytime if we do have the opportunity to do so !”

Fanny Valentin

// Coordinator – Fabric’Arts //

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