Professional photographer in Nantes for almost 10 years, I share my time between news coverage for the press and long term reports, in France and abroad. My photographs are regularly published in titles such as Dossier Familial, Elle, Femmes Ici et Ailleurs, L'Obs, La Chronique d'Amnesty International, La Croix, La Vie, Libération, Le Monde, Le Monde des Ados, Pélerin, Pleine Vie, Politis, Télérama...

I came to photography after studies in education and communication. I have evolved for several years in the non-profit world and international solidarity and I spent several years working abroad before coming back to France. 

Because of my background, I am particularly sensitive to social issues in the broadest sense and I document social struggles and claims as well as environmental, ecological, migration, political issues...

Aside from this, I work for various clients, whether they are non-profits, NGOs, foundations, communities or companies that I work with in their visual projects.

I also intervene as a trainer on photojournalism and the construction of information for non-profits or training centers, (Les Autres Possibles, CNJ, ...) and this with all types of audiences (professionals, students, schoolchildren ...).

Since 2016, my editorial work is distributed by Studio Hans Lucas, a creative and production studio dedicated to photography and digital storytelling.

I am also co-founder of the Nantes-based collective IRIS Pictures, which has been developing cultural and social mediation projects since 2013.


Awards & exhibitions


- 2022 - 

  • Exhibition " On board the Ocean Viking " | Cale 2 Créateurs, Nantes | March

- 2021 -

  • First prize in the reportage contest of the Club de la Presse Nantes Atlantique with the reportage " La danse du présent ".
  • Shortlist of the festival Les Nuits Photographiques with the sound slideshow " À bord de l'Ocean Viking " (On board the Ocean Viking)
  • Exhibition " Clivage(s) " | Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland 

- 2019 -

  • Exhibition " Destination le Breil " | Quartier du Breil, Nantes

- 2017 -

  • Exhibition " Quartiers du monde " | Quartier du Breil, Nantes
  • Exhibition " Bac + que dalle " | Rennes
  • Exhibition "Holiday Stories", Nantes

- 2016 -

  • Exhibition "Neighborhoods of the World" | Photographic Festival of Pont-Saint-Martin
  • Exhibition "A Shadow over Sarawak" | Cloud, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

- 2015 -

  • Exhibition "Neighborhoods of the World" | Festival Tissé Métisse, Nantes
  • Exhibition "Artbridges" | Espace Cosmopolis, Nantes

- 2013 -

  • Exhibition "Regard sur l'engagement solidaire" (A look at solidarity commitment) for France Volontaires | Cambodia, India, Laos, Morocco, Peru, Senegal, Vietnam

- 2011 -

  • Exhibition "En passant" | 4Bis, Rennes
  • Exhibition "Essadidi yi de Amlamé" | University Rennes 2, Rennes